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March 21 2016

It doesn't happen vey much on this site, not in the blog anyway. But probably it won't neither. I'm busy IRL (in real life) so there will only be photos that will be updated here (via Flickr).

You can always call, email or text me for personal contact. My first choice is to be seen in real life, IRL.


Monday December 7th 2015

We are already a week into December. November passed quickly because it was unusually warm weather for the season (well except for the storm Freja which withdrew a couple of days (November 8th). But December has not lived up to being a winter month, wind, rain and more wind, Gorm and Helga (=storms) contributed miserable weather. Today, however, it has been nice weather and we have seen the sun.

Otherwise, I have been glued to the sewing machine and sewing toilet bags, not very useful, right now anyway. It was Christmas market (Knalleslöjdarna) last Saturday and I had hopes of getting rid of toilet bags, bracelets, bookmarks and decoupage decorerated candles. But that the storm Helga stopped, just a few people that defied the weather gods. There were very fine quality products to buy, straw craft, turned bowls, knitted and lots of other handicrafts.

But it will probably be more markets in spring time ...

Now I have a brake at the sewing machine for a while, I'm behind with my book reading. There are so many new books. However, I've read some, the best has been "The art of hearing the heartbeat", (author Jean-Philippe Sendker) I really recommend it.

I have also been to the anniversary celebration with Knallekviltarna. Nice celebration with many fun activities and raffles.

Today and yesterday I've updated membership lists, made a program for spring activities in our club for former workmates and a trip in May with same people. It takes some time.

Now I had to look in my calendar what else I have been doing. Well, we each ate Christmas dinner with our association for the former workmates. We visited Gräfsnäs Castle Café. I recommend a visit there, is very nice at Lake Anten, surely even nicer in the summer.

Had some "fun" too, been to the dentist, I will get a crown for Christmas, it doesn't hurt more than in my wallet. Tupperware Party (yes, they still exists), pet sitter to Kasper plus a range of refreshments meet in different configurations, board meeting and so on.

Oh, I forgot, Freja has now reached the respectable age of 2 years and will apparently count as an adult. But I do not know if she knows that...

Tuesdaday 2015 November 3rd

..and I'm sitting at the sewing machine, Freja in my lap and the opportunity to update the membership list etc in the former Job's veterans association. My computer is of course in addition to the sewing machine ...

I also have addesd some new photos, autumn pictures of course. This is probably the most beautiful autumn in living memory. I must control myself not to take pictures of everything.

Then a friend of mine and I were in Dubai on sight-seeing. Very exciting and an extensive excursion program. I feel that I have seen all I wanted to see in Dubai. Excursions even went to Abu Dhabi oh Sharjah. Photo available here

Apart from a slight cold, I feel fine. Have been a couple of times in the water aerobics in the bathhouse, but I put down that. I will go and swim some time in the arena. Which is fresher, not so many people and I can go during day time. I have become a bit comfortable in that way, that I do not have any great desire to go out in the evening and water aerobics are in the evenings, crowded and a little disgusting in the showers ...

Nah now it will be dog walk and then sink into the sofa in front of the TV, but with a book, right now I am reading the third book of Lena Matthijs. Can recommend her books ...  She is an author who writes detective story and the environment is Borås, Ulriceham and neighboring areas.


Tuesday September 8th 2015

 and I have made some bookmark templates in the morning. Now they should be laminated and cut, but it will be later. Now I will have some lunch and then a dog walk.

In the afternoon there will be coffee and pounding in Svaneholm and also a walk.. It is important to take the opportunity to be outdoors now those wonderful autumn days (although I as a dog owner always is outdoors)!

We had a nice August and on the whole a pretty good summer anyway (although everyone might not agree with me), at least for us who have never vacation, but always After Work and off duty all the time. Well off work, I think it is well known  by most people who know me, I'm not so much to be idle = not doing anything.

The days are filled with sewing, socializing, forest- and town walks. Speaking of city walks. Last Sunday we were on a guided tour of this year's No Limit. If you have the time, I really recommend one tour. Sure you can go after the map (available at library and the tourist office), but it offers so much more to go on tour.


There had been some time at the sewing machine, most toilet bags and makeup bags, but also a kind of 5 pockets toiletry bag, called Bionic Gear Bag (google please). There you have your tongue right in mouth. Last weekend I attended Boråstorpets autumn market together with a friend.



.Tuesday August 11th 2015

... and I have just come home from first board meeting "autumn" of Veterans )my former work). Yesterday was mixed activities, and complicity by hanging paintings for a friend's exhibition Vänga mill, well worth a visit (

Today there is a small summer rain, which fits in well with a little work at the computer. Update of Windows 10 has been made and I think that there have been significant improvements over version 8.1.

Otherwise it has as usual been a lot shorter and longer tours in Sweden, at the Åhus and Bromölla, some shorter for Hofsnäs and Holsljunga. Hofnsäs meant visits Food Day and Holsljunga was Knallekviltarnas annual exhibition.

Next up is a visit with good friends in Mellbystrand which I look forward to.

Have a great time, it is still summer!


Thursday July 23rd 2015

Summer and sun,,,

... well sometimes anyway. It is all right for me who does not work, but I feel sorry for those who have vacations and desperately need some sun and warmth. But it is what it is, nothing to do about it. I always try to remember what I've done since the last entry (probably I can not call it blog, then I probably should write more often .... though who knows, perhaps not as many people that read. Then there will be a small memory description for myself.

I can begin by going back to midsummer. Then we took off with the sister to the small island Hyppeln in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. We celebrated together with HYC, very nice, socializing, good food and music. Weather perfectly OK.Then I hav hade a couple of friends over for a cup of coffee and a chat, and of cource visited others, including  Riddarbo and Dalsjöfors. Of cource I´ve had some computer and mobile support for some of my friends,, fun that I still hang on to it pretty OK and being asked for. 

There have been som sewing, some toiletry bag, both orders and also to myself too. I bought very nice fabric while visiting Skytteklev on Lake Vänern (as I visit ever summer - thank you very much Oscarssons) which besides 2 stylish sofa cushions alsowas left enough fabrics to makeup and a toiletry bag to me.

IThis week I been on a small tour, visits both at Ömmern, V Frolunda (from there a trip by car to Hönö, Öckerö and Fotö) with nice weather. There was also time for a short stay with a cup of coffee and some chat in Torslanda.

Today w´re taking the day off, Frea was tired after the small tour on 2 days and 3 homes, 1 with cheerful puppy Kasper. So today, it has become a little photo transfer and backup and now updating the website.

Talk to you soon with hopefully better weather to talk about.

Sundag June 14th 2015

... and the day after ... what? Well the prince wedding of course. Now I am not so very interested, but I like our royal family, who are good representatives of Sweden. Would we have politicians, who not are trained for this, I'm not so sure that it would be as good. Cosst we will have regardless. No one can surely say that it wasn't fine yesterday, even though I only saw the wedding ceremony and then some more. That was enough for me.

Otherwise it has been busy as usual (?). We have visited an "old" friend in Linköping, nice visit from Skåne, meeting with "old" friends from Ulricehamn, graduation celebration (well not me, of course, now is the good friends grandchildren), A little visit to Dannike to one of my friends with some decoupage on candles, m m. Yes there was some data support also. Some Elfsborg matches I have also seen the stadium.

Now, the summer finally has rrived, although not most warmest weather today, but perfectly OK. In ther Annelundspark bloom is in full swing with azaleas, rhododendrons and now peonies also get started. Sweden IS beautiful!

Next weekend it is midsummer and then we hope for nice weather for outdoor access. For our part, we will go to an island in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Tuesday May 26th 2015..

... And the apple tree outside my bedroom window blossoms now. But oh how cold it still is. I have not put out my out balcony boxes yet, but tomorrow I probably defies the weather gods and planting. In small conservatory on the balcony growing, however, the tomatoes begin to bloom, the salad stand up and wild strawberries and strawberry plants are blooming.

Yesterday it was a trip to Linköping to a dear "old" friend. We had a nice day and our dogs got very good agreement. Today it has become a little photo handling on the computer, many nice tulip images from Linköping and some nice pictures from Näss slott. I had a cup of coffee and a cookies in the neighborhood and then a little support with mobile/mobile purchase.

My sister has been here and little Kasper growing fast, now almost five months old and he has grown so he is bigger than Freja now. Next there will be a cosy day in Brämhult on Thursday and next week it will be nice visit from Skåne. Then it will be full speed (as usual that is).

Monday May 4th 2015

..... and it's raining! But yesterday it was a really nice day. Still a bit cold though. We were out on a small tour Hofsnäs, always beautiful and especially now when all the wood anemones bloom. A lovely walk that ended with refreshments.

May the 1st was not celebrated in any special way. We had a very nice day and it was spent with good friends at the stables Bjertorp. Freja had come close to a horse for the first time. Not to say that she was as plucky as usual.We were anyway there and looked at "my ear" that I own in Gamler Zone, one of the horses in the Swedish trotting stables West that I (and 1,499 others) have a share in until November.

It is lucky that I write here occasionally, then I push myself to remember what I have done in recent times. The past week I had computer support around the settlements. Health control (all values ​​are good), vehicle inspection (approved, just a little lamp to change), the annual meeting of veterans (also went well), sister visits (little assist with cute puppy Kasper) and not forgetting Freja dog grooming.

So nw was the update made. This week is so far planned refreshments at Viskan with a bunch of happy former colleagues, Ullaredstur and a sewind day in Bramhult and Knallekviltarnas meeting on Saturday. So we'll probably pass the time even this week. Some new  pictures  have been uploaded, and so even some newly bracelets for sale. 

Wednesday April 15th 2015

... and tjillevippen that someone so jaunty said ... Now itis really "April weather", I must say. As it should be, rain and windy for a few days, then sunshine and warmth. The good thing with such filthy weather is that you both can sit inside (except dog walking) with good conscience and then enjoy the more when it will be fine.

I have been visiting second biggest city in Sweden for a couple of days and spent time with the sister and the irresistible puppy Kasper, now already 3 1/2 months.

What is the latest news? Oh my pearl (my car, my 13 year old Astra), has received little makeover, newly serviced, alloy wheels, tidy inside, washed and waxed. So now we can enjoy the upcoming tours. It's just that it goes through inspection on Monday 20 April. Brrr keep your fingers crossed.

Last Sunday, I was with friends at the Art walk" in Kind. Many talented artists, both professionals and amateurs. Speaking of art, I have also spent a day in Bramhult with my mentor Lisbeth, who is (with great patience) to trying to initiate me into the mysteries of watercolors. Oh how difficult, but fun.

I have made some bracelets, would probably put out some for sale soon .The sewing macine is just now resting,, must have the urge to sew.

Bye, tomorrow there will be some coffee at a friend's house and in the afternoon I have to go to my hair dresser, hair is tooo long now. Elderly women fits better if the hair isn't too long (=my opinion).



Monday March 29th..2015

.... and outside a typical spring day ... gray ... little cold .. but I'm not complaining, All days cannot be sunny. It is nice to have some grey days too.

The day began, as usual, with a dog walk. Today we were 3 + 3, Ebba, Zigge and Freya. The other day we were 5 + 5, Polly, Molly Zigge, Ebba and Freya with the their "female owners". What a lovely life our dogs. So are we.

Today it was then board meeting with veterans (FK). Home after a nice meeting and time for new walk. This time it was a trip to Rya ridges, with Zigge and his mistress. Home and some lunch, coffee break on the North Ängsgatan waited.

Back home again time for a bit of work at the computer and then new turn with Freya, this time with Polly, it was just a turn around the pond, where we met, Ebba, Zigge, Dixie and Tibetan spaniel with their owners. Now I think I will sit down in my couch and do some "Kumihimo".

... a day in a retired person's enjoyable life ....

Sunday March 15th..2015

.. the sun is shining and it can't be better! I have now been home for 1 week. It feels great. I love to travel and experience new views. Part of the journey is also about the joy of coming home after a successful trip, meet friends and enjoy your home again. So in other words I feel fine. Have met some of my friends and had contact with some. It continues next week, full speed as usual, as you can see,

After we had come home, my sister and I took a trip to Stockholm and brought home the most wonderful little Kasper, a Cockapoo puppie. He had moved in with my sister. 

There have been some "coffeemeetings", what did you think? Dogwalks of course also, we are ranging from 2 dogs and more on the morning walk, great fun.

Tomorrow there will be a trip to Gothenburg, a family reunion, Freja will meet her "cousin" Kasper for the first time. The rest of the week is almost booked out, including seeing friends in Viared Tuesday and another meeting on Wednesday. Thursday there will be a visit to the Textile Museum with Veterans (former work mates),I'm sure some more things will go on ...

Sunday March 1st..

.... and today's experience was a tour by bus (which is an experience in itself) to Machico, a journey of approx 1 hr. Unfortunately the weather was not the best and as soon as you leave Funchal it becomes colder. Well, we took a small tour in the small town (which admittedly is the next largest city in Madeira, but does not say much). A little market was going on there when we arrived. We had a cup of coffee and the upholstery is really mixed, from fur coat and gloves to three quarters pants. We took a look at the beach (empty). The beach contains of sand transported from the Sahara. It was probably the closest I will come to the Sahara.

Barely remember what we do, but we always do something. Yesterday we had planned to go wine tasting at Blandy's, but it had closed at 13 (we had listened/watched the women's 30-kilometers in World Championship cross country before), so we must take another day. But we took the opportunity anyway to book a taxi for next Saturday trip to the airport.

We also have taken the bus to Praia Formosa and then took a really fine blossoming walk to the little fishing village of Camara de Lobos, had lunch there and then walked back to Praia Formosa. Another day we took another variant. Went took another bus and went off a bit away from the Camara de Lobos, took a break there and went to Praia Formosa where we had lunch and then took the bus back home.

We do a lot of bus tours ... and for the most part of the tours, it’s OK bring Freja on the bus. But we ran into a bus driver who was a bit hysterical (though men can not ...) anyway I had to pay fee for Frea (19,50 Skr) and she had to be in a bag. Yes Gosh, you'd heard, he did indeed just doing his job and we were happy to call his boss, Emmanuel was his name ... We realyy not make any protests, but he got excited when we said we had taken the bus almost 3 weeks without pay for the dog ...

So now I'm prepared before taking the bus, put down Freya in my backpack before and have payment ready.

Saturday February 21th...

. ..and today will be some TV because it is Wordl Championship in cross country and “we” have a good chance to a medal with the skier Charlotte Kalla. Except that I will be a "day of rest". First day as it is overcast and it fits perfectly. It becomes, before the skis, some laundry and care about my cold now moving towards the right direction. A walk to a café downtown it surely will be.

Yesterday was a bit of shopping, not so much, but some lockers tom my bracelet. Should probably be sooomee more shopping before the stay is over, even if I’ know that it wouldn’t be that much. I have seen a sweater ... But otherwise it does not feel so modern here, either clothes or other things.

The houses are not in the best condition and lots of exhaust. Downtown new buildings are mixed with old ones.

Although the flowering season not really has started yet, it is still very beautiful. We've been on a nice and easy Levada walking, now we know how it should be. When we arrived at the view point there where cold winds. There is a great difference in temperature if you compare down at Funchal and up in the mountains. 

I have photographed doors in quantity and party. On a narrow street above the "harbor street” there are lots of painted doors. I have photographed over 40 of them. Haven’t found any history behind it yet, but I will check.

We took the bus up to the Botanical Garden, but we did not get in, although I would carry Freja, oh no, apparently it was for the parrots in a cage at the bottom of the park. We then went on to the Orchid Park, there Freja was allowed to come in if I carried her, she was not so dangerous anymore. We has also taken a bus to a major shopping center. We had lunch up there and had a breathtaking view.

It is VERY winding and steep roads here. For me it is important to sit in the right side in the bus, though sometimes it doesn’t help. Freya is welcome on the bus most times. Only once so far we have been stopped, but then she became pressed wdown in one of the backpacks (which quickly emptied).... Write more another day.

Monday February 16th 

... and the day has passed in botany characters. Though it was not visit at the botanical garden for us, because dogs are not allowed to be there. That’s how it is to travel with dog, you can’t go everywhere. In the Orchid Garden, we came into. Not so many flowers now. We took the bus up and down on winding roads. Back in Funchal, we had lunch close to the marina.

We have a quiet evening at home with photo update and updating homepage. Earlier days we have had gone by more bus, we went up to Santo de Serra to go on the market yesterday, but that market was not a favorite, not very much to look at or buy ... So it was a short visit. Unfortunately, the next bus should go 4 hours later. There were nothing else to do in that village, so we decided to spend some money and took a taxi down to Funchal. We had a nice afternoon in the marina.

Well, what have we done more? We have had a nice day by car and saw a lot of the island. There were many beautiful views and stops. We stopped in Santana where we watched the "Threesome Houses" and had lunch.

It has been the carnival in three days, but we haven’t noticed so much of it. The first evening we were down at the marina and watched the parade. There were the samba tones all the way. Apparently they come from all over the world to participate in this parade. But Nah, nothing for us ... no big sensation ... Nerja’s parades were a lot better, even also in terms of markets, Nerja is better. But don’t think that we don’t enjoy our stay, of course we do.

Today it's Tuesday and...

... the days passes quickly. Yesterday we went to the Market, exciting with all the fruits and vegetables and all the ugly looking fishes ... After that we took the tour bus (the ticket was for 2 days). We made a stop in the small fishing village of Camara de Lobos and there we had a late lunch and walked around in the village. Some purchases of basic necessities of life. Back in Funchal again, we went up to my apartment with dog, purchase and backpack. Tired we stayed at home in the evening. 

Today has been the hardships the day ... The cable car up to Monte (quiet and peaceful - no problem). Then we began walking down a very arduous turn. Poorly signposted and we took a wrong too steep road where we had to turn back. We both climbed and crawled, I have never been sooo scared in my whole life. But eventually we continued the hike with steep slopes one side. I was then little tired in my legs and afraid of tripping. I don’t like heights that way. But fears are there to be overcome. But there was no conquest of fear today. But we got down ... Tonight tired mom with dog, who now enjoys sleep otium. Tomorrow will be a quiet day!

First day at Madeira...

. .. we have been at the "gray island". Photos Weather "like that" but definitely not like at home ... short jeans, denim jacket, well, rain jacket on shorter periods of time. Yesterday was the day of travel. Quiet morning, early transportation to the airport, early check-in luggage and payment of dog in cabin (= my cabin luggage) costs 70 Euro each way. After a bit of a hitch (2 people late, the pilot choose between going back from the runway and pick up those two or remove all baggage for checking if there was luggage that would not be included), we started 35 minutes delayed. This time was running though, and we landed on time in Lisbon. Tried to get Freya to pee on the toilet but failed. On to the next plane and we landed on time in Funchal. The transport that would fetch us did not come (car trouble) and we had to take a taxi. "Receiving komittee" at the apartment consisted of those who left out the key and 4 friends. They brought av bottle of wine and we celebrated our stay, then to bed tired. 

Today we took a walk to our friends (now we can talk SLOPES). After a coffee break we took a new walk to the harbor and boarding the red bus. We went on and off the bus and enjoyed many beautiful stops, lunch and coffee breaks ... A very nice "first day" although the weather could have been sooome better, but perfectly OK anyway.


... today is become January 27th . How did this happen... Well, that must mean that I enjoy life, when the time goes so fast. Today I’ve been at one of my friend’s house and have had coffee with good friends, we got tasteful homemade buns. Yesterday I was in Bramhult at another friend. Watercolors and block with me the car (yes, Freya also of course) where Lisbeth's patient instructions along with lunch included in the visit. But Oh dear what a hard time with watercolor .... today I attempt to see how the pigments mix, plenty of water says Lisbeth ....

Sometimes it becomes LOTS of coffee and refreshments. But whatever, meeting good friends is never wrong. Our Culture House has got a couple of recent visits, coffeeshop Boulevard is another.

But I do soooomething else. Freya gets her fair share of time. Sometimes her playmate Polly is here. Then it's full speed ahead!

One of my friends and I made an enjoyable visit to the Gallery Abecita a while ago. Lars Lerin’s photo, and other works of art. We got a little mini guided tour by Mr. Swegmark himself. Please go there. I recommend a visit!

I also made some shorter trips in the surrounding area, including Sandsjön, Dalsjöfors, Riddarebo and Dannike. The one to Dannike involved sewing, good food and some data support. Some makeup bags and toilet bags were sewn.

Yes, I of course keep doing my “Kumihimo” braiding. Some bracelets and necklaces it will be. Prospective buyers look at start page (there is a link to what is to buy at the moment. If you can’t find any bracelets or toiletry bag that fits, (see link on the front page), please let me know, I surely can do something as desired. But right now I'm doing a leash for Freya. She has only 5 of them before.

Nah, now I have to sew on my backpack in Stig Lindberg fabric. It may be adapted to "computer handbag". Because Freya will be my "cabin luggage" on the next flight, I’m only allowed to have a purse in addition to her on the plane. "

Bye for now…and you ... live now!

Today January 5th 2015

 ...  really lazy day. We have been haning in front of the TV, of course dog walking. A tour around beautiful Lake Ramnasjön there was too. There the swans yelled tails of his lungs. I have done some kumihimo,a bracelet in black end yellow (the colours of our local soccer team) and a dog leash. Now it's probably time to sew a little again ... Will be on Tuesday when it will be trip to Bramhult. A new runners to the kitchen in a little balibatik maybe it could be ... I have also read the book of an author Lucifer (Carl Johan Vallgren) Shadow Boy, exciting reading.

Birthday ...

... not much to celebrate nowadays, at least not with a party at home anymore. No nowadays I'am enjoying myself by going out to eat with my friends. In earlier years there have been numerous parties, lots of people, baked cookies, cakes o candy, etc ... until I "found out" what the heck, everyone else had a really nice time, but I did not have time to talk to someone just ... So then became I "ego" and has now been at the restaurant for several yearsr. Best decision I made!

Today December 10th, there has been bad weather...

... Snow on the ground, snow falling, some wind. Then it's lucky that I have a dog so I come out. Not only will I do the dog walking. There will also be searching for my sister's cat. I guess that anyone who reads Boras Newspaper and Facebook have not missed that Lilly is disappared. I managed to fix it so my sister's cat disappeared last weekend (November 30th)  while visiting here. The cat Lilly is an indoor cat, barely two years young, chipped. Curious as she is, she tookin the area, the opportunity to sneak out when I opened the bedroom window for the night. Curiosity got too big. Looked at night, crawled and searched under cars and cried "Lilly". Then we have searched through all the gardens where I live, plus some other places where black cats have been visible. She is chipped, the claws are clipped. Called the poilce, notified to Facebook Groups, advertised in the local newspaper several times. Today I was out looking at another place where there was seen a black cat. This is NOT fun!!!!


...and on Friday I will put my Advent candle sticks in my windows. Fall is not over yet, so it feels a little early. Especially as I today emptied my window boxes. The geranium is now in pots in the stairwell, we'll see if they are good enough to replant, cut down and put out in the spring.

It will be nice to see all candlesticks in the windows. Although for some people, Advent already seems to have started, a few weeks ago. But I have cheated a liiiitle. Today I polished the kitchen window (the rest later) and put up red long curtains, but without Santas pattern . I have painted my tiles, from having been dirty yellow-beige, it is now crisp white and then it felt good to change the curtains a few days "too early".

Otherwise hails activities (someone who is surprised), board meetings, coffee breaks, furoshiki, Christmas food etc. Nu time for some coffee, then water aerobics and it will probably be a little kumihimo braiding in front of the TV tonight. Tomorrow it will be probably a little sewing, a cute bag with Betty Boop pattern.

November is grey...

...Soon we will put up candlessticks and then it will be better! But please, wait at least until the Friday before the first of Advent. NOW is too early. , 

I sew, of course, but now I've learnt something new, Kumihimo. Great, fun and simple. It is japanese braiding technique. Perfekt to sit in front of the TV. Now I'm making a dog leash, beautifully Christmas red, but will also match my red winter jacket and obviously fits Freya in red!


Today, the week started with a leisurely stroll with Kerstin, a little laundry and now a cup of coffee. Could I have a better life?


Thursday November 6th

... now it seems to be on winter ... lucky ... or not. Today there was snow all around, but not at Bergdalen where I live. Next week winter tires will be put o. In about three weeks there will be advent, look forward to put up my candlesticks . This week there has been a casino visit. The food was good, entertainment great, the gambling, nah ... Found no unicorn to play on. That they have indeed in Las Vegas. Lot of strange characters and I didn't win, yes some small amount but they were played briskly up. You have to have a budget. Well a nice afternoon together with former colleagues, it was all the same.

Now back to the sewing machine again, toiletry bags, fun to sew and orders will be completed and sold .... no gains, the cost of new fabrics ....

Halloweeeen...November 1st

..... was a quiet affair. After visiting the cemetery at home tonight. The candy I ate myself up for no rang (I was not sorry for what not). Now there is new soffhäng after sewing two toilet to, think of Christmas, great gifts .... It is link on from my front page which are unbooked now. 

Tomorrow, I look forward to se my cousin and wife from our dear neighbor country Norwegen. It will be very nice. Will probably be a little guidance on No Limit and a visit stoffebutikken Kinna (Skroten) on Monday.

Suddenly we got "wintertime"

I forgot to change time on my clocks yesterday and also so this morning. But I have a small dog who wanted me to get up one hour earlier.
Now it has become really grey outside. But it's also a time to enjoy. Inside in the coach with the lights or walking in rain wearing raincoat. Right now I've got stuck i a "toiletry bag production" period (long and good word haha). In all cases it is fun to be sewing now.
Last weekend we had a visit from Hälsingland, very nice. Yesterday I visit to the Antique Fair together with friends. Luckily I have neither space nor the money to shop, for there were lots of nice, ugly and funny things. A cup of coffee at Divine with good friends afterwards.

Fall is sooo beatuful...

. and we enjoy our lovely walks! Yes I do some other stuff too, sewing, watergymnastic, meet friends, go to the movies, most recently Medicine (not sooo good), tomorrow it will be "My so-called real dad".

Yesterday, Sunday September 21th, 5.30 in the afternoon...

....the fall arrived ... I have had a lovely weekend, at first visit to friends in Dalsjöfors, then directly to Hönö for socializing with family. Nice weather, more like summer until about 17:30 then it thundered and began to rain. But then I was already at home in Borås and had been out for a walk with Frea before that. 

Today started with a lovely walk in the rain with Kerstin (and Freja of course). Later today there will be coffee with the former workmates, water aerobics tonight in the bathhouse. So is this the day complete. Tomorrow we have a day with sewing in Bramhult. In the evening a course in something that I never have tried (there actually are such courses haha), it is called glass fusing, I will write more about this later. 

As you can hear therer is no lack of things to do, but I still have time to relax on the couch, read some and knit a some too. Now it'salmost lunch (smoked sausage and mashed potatoes), then awalk with Freja. Fall is cozy!


... and a lovely forest walk in the morning ... Photo management at the computer ... After lunch water aerobics, but before that I'll find some fabrics to bring to Knallekviltarnas meeting on Saturday. On Sunday election work all day looooong, starting 07:00 and when it's done you never know. Full moon.

Lovely fall...

. Though it has barely begun. Last week was a stunning late summer week. Enjoyed every single day !! I also started water aerobics, twice a week is my plan, meaning, and I have been today. Before the water aerobic I had a wonderful walk in the wood.. 

Else this weekend we have had something called "No Limit Street Art". A great festival with Street Art around the whole town. I went on a guided tour last Friday, All the artists were still painting, the tour lasted for 2 hours and was about 4 km walking (only so you know). There are also a number of wonderful smaaaaall men on the walls around the town, created by the artist Isaac Cordal. For those of you who want to know more about the festival can read here (the text is in English)

I went for a small walk this afternoon to see how the works looks, when the paintings were completed. I have to go for more walks, because I only saw a couple ot the finished ones today.

Otherwise, tihe days rolls on as usual. Right now I'm knitting and some sewing (2 tunics - I was satisfied). I read of course and have just finished reading Heart of jazz, a "feelgood" novel. Before thatI read Anna Jansson's lates and Arnaldur Indridasons latest, but missed I lacked Erlendur. This book is about the time before Erlendur came into the picture ....

Oh I'm so lazy...

... or no, maybe not. 

Summer is coming to an end and as usual, I have enjoyed the hospitality of good friends. I have been in Norway, Viksjöfors (Hälsingland if someone wonder, Skytteklev (at lake Vänern if someone else wonder), Åhus and Bromnölla (Skåne, THAt knows surely all), not forgetting the short trips in the surrounding area. Bathed in all sorts lakes, including Vänern, Västersjön, Dalsjön.

I don't think anyone can complain over the weatherthis summer, yes it would of course have been the last few weeks of rain. But good for the mushrooms! I have done a few visits to the "mushroom fores"t, and will be some more visits.

Otherwise,my latest project is sewing tunic in knitting fabric,one finished and soon number two, thanks Lisbeth for the pattern. 
Now it's time to continue with my "education" in the difficult art of watercolors. There will probably be some quilting too, bought some nice fabrics, read some books, knitt a few "turns" on striped sweater in denim dyed linen. In between there will be of course dog walks, coffee with good friends. HERE and NOW !!!

Friday Agust 1th 2014

...and the beautiful weather is still here, Maybe not quite that hot today, but soooo nice. This week have been in the sign of the bicycle.  Last Monday I took my car and the bicycle back and went to Svaneholm. From there Anette, Freja and I took a tour, trough Seglora, vidare till utsiktsplatsen vid Furter on to Liagärde to a beautiful viewpoint. We had a nice stop there for lunch after some heavvy hills. I have e new bicycle but we are still not in agreement with each other.... The gears didn't worked as I wanted, the saddle still not int the right place,  handlebars too low, och not air enough in the back tire (I should have checked the air in my tires....), saddle already changed once). Well the nice view was worth it when we got up the hills. Then we continued down the hills again, but now against Rydal where we later took us down to the beach at St Hålsjön and begrudged us a well-deserved bath, then coffe. Then we went through Rydal to Svaneholm. A lovely day! Thanks Anette for lunch and offee. Both Freya and I were hanging comfortable on the couch in the evening. .

Tuesday I took a trip to the bike shop for service. In the evening a friend and I visited to the Culture House and listened to the entertainment at the cafe. t was crowded at the cafe, of course, but there was room on the couches around. Nice evening with a glass of rosé and easy listening, including Irish folk music.

Wednesday happened not much more than walking with Freja and some picking at home. Yeah but Elizabeth, Zigge, Freja and I were having coffee at Vänga mill, a lovely evening, how could I forget that. Thursday's time for a new bike ride, this time with Gerd and Leffe.We took ourselves out to Dalsjöfors (Gånghester hill just soooo tough) and rode to Rångedala and a bit more. Stop for fruit and water and then we turned back, not so far today, about 18 km. The saddle still isn't good, but I had enough with air in my tires, handlebars and gears were OK. New visit to the bicycle shop. 

Today, Friday, there will be no big ovation. Sat at the computer in the morning, handled some images, both photos that I have received (thanks Henrik) and own. Will be available shortly and can be checked through the link to the image gallery ....


Saturday July 26th... 


....and now you think that I quit writing here ... Nah not! But everyone knows how much retirees have to do...

We have just arrived back home from nice trips visiting friends. First a trip to Älvkarhed in Hälsingland, where we paid a visit to Ol-Anders Hälsingland farm.There was an exhibition of Mårten Andersson works, both watercolor paintings and designer furniture ( We also took a trip to beautiful Söderhamn where I supplemented coffee mugs at Manses Design (, a mug from the series Take away. I wonder if I get advertising money ... We also visited one of Hälsingland farms on the World Heritage List, Ersk-Anders, where we had a cup of coffee with entertainment by folk musicians.

After this pleasant stay in Hälsingland, we went to see other friends at Lyckebo, Skytteklev. For those who don't have a clue where this is, I can tell you, that it's a house at the foot of Halleberg, close to Lake Vänern. We took som nice swimming there. We also went to the Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn, where there is an exhibition of Scandinavia's foremost watercolor painter Lars Lerin!

Just when I came home to Boras again, the phone rang and one of my friends told me that she has av flower called "princess of the night" and that the flower was just about to bloom. This beautiful flower only blooms one night every year. So I rushed out to Viared and I got some very beautiful pictures.

It has been incredibly hot this week and my travels to Älvkarhed and Skytteklevd was made by car. My car, which I am otherwise happy with, have just a small aber, the AC does not work, broke down last year, but doesn't belong to my high-priority spending. But what the heck, it was all right to drive with the windows wide open, I have a small dog in the car to think about too.

After a day off with a some laundry, I went to Limmared and Glass Houses and an exhibition of eg spouses Vallien. Limmared has many second-hand markets and antique shops. I didn't buy anythings, my friends did. Enough with the culture for today and we ended up with a refreshing swim in the Dalsjön. A thunderstorm, seldom seen, then ensued, with 9 mm of rain in half an hour. After being invited to a nice dinner, Freja and I returned to the comfort of our home.

Some photos from last week (and earlier this year) can you find here.

Monday July 7th 2014...

This morning started wonderful with warm and sunny wheather (may be a liiiittle to stuffy) but around 1 am the sky opened up and the rain just poured down. Now the rain have stopped, it's grey, but warm. Now I've booked my trip in winter. It will be Funchal and Madeira,  I haven't been there before and it's going to be exciting. Now it will be some knitting in front of TV. Today I finished my last backpack projekt, a "sheepsack" viz a smaller backpack, with printed sheep on fabric. Look   here   to see it.

Thursday July 3th 2014...

... and so has the swedish summer arrived =rain.

Well, it's a pity for those who still have to work. We who have vacation all days is not so bad affected, even if we also need some sun. But it's hardly any idea to yell at the meteorologistst, as I heard, some people do. Are they crazy or what?

I'm sitting here with a "teenager". My little puppy is trying everything at the moment, most of all she doesn't want me to sit at the computer or sewing machine, "see me" is most important now. But she is the best puppy in the world! She just lost one of here double babyteeth. Hope she loses the other one soon, it would save me some money. Soon there will be rabies vaccination, that she must have, to go to most of the European countries. Because she is flying next February, this time together with me in a bag in the cabin.Tonight a visit downtown. The swedish artist Agnes sings on stage there. But I will probably not hang around to see and listen to her. I'm more interested to mingle with people. Freja will stay home, she manage to be alone for a couple of hours now.

Sunday June 22th 2014

...and midsummer weekend almost over. I have spent pleasant days in Norway, without celebrating midsummer. They dont do that there. They have their May 17th instead, with similar celebrations, though no herring and potatoes, nor strawberries.

Anyway it is very nice to meet my cousin and his wife, Freja was of course with me there and has now got a passport. It is almost time for the next step in their passport, rabies vaccination. But it may be the end of the summer, first becomes tooth extraction. She got new teeth, but 2 of baby teeth stay in place and do not want to let go.

Now we will take walk downtown put on this weekend crossword solutions in the mailbox. Will also see ifI can get some strawberries. Must be eaten in midsummer, even if I celebrate or not.

Wednesday June 14th ...

...still some minutes...

We had a guest from Skåne last week, we had a great time as usual. We visited the new Textile Fashions center, Tuesday the new textile museum with a god guide and Wednesday a sculpture biennal there to, also e vary good guide.  And not to forget the annual visit at Hofsnäs. 

No time to rest, after my dear friend left Thursday Freja and I went to Gothenburt to my sister in Gothenburg for another boot sale at Saturday. Sold some but I think we will be back another time. Sunday went to beautiful Sandsjön to pay a visit at a friend who lives there,

This week I started with some laundry. The sheets smells so good after dried outside in the garden, some friende came to visit Tuesday afternoon and we had a cup of coffee in the garden. In the evening nice meeting with former workmates at Kypesjön, a small lake close to whre I live and we played boule and and had sallad to eat.

Today an calm day, just saw some friends for a nice chat in the afternoon at a restaurang near the library. Now I hvae to close for today because tomorow there will be some sewing, Freja will get her own bag for overnights, with pockets for candy, food, play tools and bags for her poo. 

Monday June 2th 2014

Today my friend Birgitta från Skåne is coming to see me and Freja. We hope the weather will stay beautiful all week!

Friday May 30th 2014

... and as ususal I don't understand where the time goes...   I've been busy as usual. A puppy takes a little time, but she's great! Last saturday I was on "Nostalgian day" in Ulricehamn. Everyone that began in high school in 1964 were invited. over 90 contacted and 65 came, not bad. A very enjoyable day and evening. Luckily we had name tags on us ... Some I regocnized without name plate. On Sunday, I spent from 07-23.30 with being administrator for elections to the European Parliament. Nice to meet people, although as usual I had seen that there were more people who voted. There were 43% who voted in our district. I have also been on "Änglagård Travel", to me known regions, with the former colleagues. It is an area around Ulricehamn where they made 3 well-known swedish movies named Änglagård. We were all over 50 people who hung out with and had a nice day with nice weather. Now it's spring market in the center, Freya and I takes a walk downtown with Elisabeth and Zigge.

Friday May 16th 2014

...and I feel a little bit better after beeing in the bed in a stubberna cold that has been in me for about 4 weeks now. Hope I didn't give it to someone else.. But whatever , a cold is nothing to complain over, thare are worse things. I was able to do a short visit to one of my cousins in Kinnarumma. 
In a while I'm going to take the bus til friends in Dalsjöfors. It doesn.t cost me anything to take the bus in daytime as I'm retired and then I save some money not usng the car.
Tomorrow it is the "Day of the dog" here. So we will go down to the centre with friends. Good social training for Freja.

Sunday May 10th 2014...

... and a very much needed rain is pooring down. I have ambitions to write here often but what happens when reality catch up to you? Then there are only ambitions and nothing more...

Yesterday, saturday, was a day with beautiful weather, some cold wind, but very nice in the sun. My sister and I was ata boot call (?) and tried to sell some things we found out that we really not needed. It was fun, so many sellers and byers. Freja of course was with us too as a  "magnet sales". Wheater it depended on her, the nice salesmen or the nice weather isn't sure. But we sold pretty good and had a great time.

Else I have been busy, more or less as usual. I'm lucky too have a calendar where I make notes, else I hadn't have a clue about what I've done. 

I have participated in information for election officials - it is election to the parliament of EU May 25th! I really hope you are going to vote!!!Just don't say that you don't know, I'm not neither, but I will find out what the different parties are interested in and some question must be important to you. Ni kommer väl att rösta!!! It is not the difficult to find information on the Internet what de different parties want in the work in EU. It is your right and duty to vote!!! Here you can find some information, and here even more.

There have been lots of meeting with friends, one with some computer support, some with former workmates (of course with Freja). We met at a place that allows her to come in too. Writing about Freja. I have several times tried to cut her claws, as I have done that before with my other dogs. But this little "eel-skin" is impossible to me, I don't want to cut wrong. So wi took a trip to the dogtrim. The also should trim some of her fur too. But this little lady has a strong will of her own så they managed only to take some fur of at her legs and ears, not on her back or under the tail so now she has two tassel under her tail. She is so cute anyway so it doesn't matter...

Today there is a new soccergame with our local team (who now is in top lead of swedish soccer Leaguee). Then won last game and I'm keeping my thumbs for new 3 points today.

30.04.2014 16:26 Wednesday

Walpurgis Night in other words. Wow Now everything goes so quickly. I don't think I'm doing something special, but when I think a little there are some things happening,,,I may take one day at a time  and start today. My memory is alarmin short. 
Today Freja and I have been on a private watercolor course at my friend Lisbeth's house (Freja was teasing most of the time). Painting to me, is coloring - paint motive. Nu I have to think otherwise. Today I cataloged my watercolours, wrote the name and numbers, necessary  because I have to write what colours I mix on the paper to get the different colours I used. Then I tried to watering the paper, put colours in it and water again an more colours, also to turn the paper so the colour flows on the paper. So fun but so difficult. Now I will practise, dare and write how I have mixed.... There are SO MUCH to learn, but I'm eager to learn more.
Yesterday Freja did some training to be on her own for a couple of hours and Did som shopping, In the afternoon I met a couple of my very good friends and have some coffee and lots of nice chatting. 
The day before, Monday, Freja and I took a trip to another old good friends in Linköping. She also have a puppy, he is 10 months and very eager to show that he is becoming a "man", Freja not so exited...

Sunday tour to IKEA with another good friend and of course we found things we didn't know that we needed.

Saturday in the morning a meeting with an association I'm joining, we are sewing patchwork and in the afternoon it was time for the the window boxes (my balcony) to be planted.

Friday was a very nice day. My sister and the cousin cat Lilly visited us.

I must remember to write about the weather, we have had summer weather for the last two weeks, wonderful, today, it is a bit chillier, but of cours it is Walpurgis Night. In a couple of hours I will go an listen to a choir when the "sing welcome to spring".

Thursday 24.04.2014 11.00

... and now I'm not going to write a stupid comment how many moths it is until....

We are enjoying NOW! This amazing, wonderful, beautiful time in Sweden! Spring! I don't think there can be another place at earth that isso beautiful as spring in Sweden, well maybe SOME other places. But it's not much that beats that wonderful sheer green colour in the nature now. There are so many different kind of green, almost impossible to describe.

Enough with lyrical comments. Jus now I have a puppy in my knee and I have sewn some coasters with her laying there. 

The easter have been lazy (how lazy it can be with a puppy). But no special activities, depending on  a cold  and an stubbern painful herniated discs. But as we says in Sweden, "evil gunpowder perish not so easy" (=own transaltion, hihi).

I anyway took a trip to Hofsnäs, a beautiful place just outside Borås, I love to go there. This time of the year there are so many anemones in large oak groves. Some weeke earlier, there also are lots of hepatica and I was lucky, I find some of these too. I took pictures even though I have so many already, can't help it.  Else I spent a lot of time on the couch, not so bad. There are good books, yarn and sticking needles. Then of course cousin Chi-Chi (Westie) visited us, her opinion is the puppies should be kept in a distance.

Friday 18.04.2014.11.55

... today is Good Friday and we have been on two great walks, first in the morning walk and play with Sigge and later Freja's first longer walk. As she walked without leash she decided how quick and how long she wanted to go and she did it very well. Then I had planned to make Jansson's temptation when the phone rang and I was invited to dinner to my friends house in Dalsjöfors. Happy Easter! 

Monday 14.04.2014.11.55

...started with a rainy walk together with Sigge and his owner Elisabeth. No the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a nice day..Yesterday we visited a friend in sandsjön, there was also Moltas, the spanish waterdog, a puppy who is a couple of weeks younger than Freja. After a while with hesitation from Moltas, they soon had some great time together.

Last Saturday, Lisbeth (with hudband) and some other people on a market and tried to sell some things from our wardrobes and basement inventoru. We sold a lot,. We had to have very low prices to sell. We had som fun hours, but nothing I will do often. I'm planning, together with my sister, sell on another market outdoor whenit is warmer, the rest of the thing (and some more) . During our trip to the market Frejawas together with another friend om mine and thye had a great day too.

Last week's activities were a meeting with our club for retired people (we who worked att the same company) and one evening we had tacos at myc place, aslo together with som other old workmates. We visited some other friends, Monday n Viared and Tuesday in he neighbourhood.

Tonight I will be wathing soccer, but not outside, it will be in my coach and watch the game on TV.

Tuesday 08.04.2014

... and we have just come home from a wonderful walk in the rain. Yes it is actually great to be out in the rain as long as you are well dressed and it's not windy. Freja played with Sigge and then it is not so bad to be out in the rain. Unfortunately there is some person who uses the area above the pond as a toilet, in 3 different places.... not SO nice as dogs like it .Please dig it down in the soil! 


Friday 04.04.2014

... and today little Freja is 4 months "old". We now have "lived together" for 3 1/2 weeks. Not a very long time. But lots of things happens. Yesterday it was time for a ride with the new bike and Freja in the new basket. It all went very well. I found it a little bit too cold. But Freja didn't seemed yo mind. I had put some extra fur in the basket.

She already has many friends. Most of them are very positive to her, some like her better if she keep some distance. Then we have visited cousin Lilly the cat in Gothenburg again. We went by bus and tram, no problem for Freja. Lilly and she played together and I think they will become very good friends.

Yesterday we went out and met some friends in a coffee shop and of course Freja was welcome too. Must be beacause she is such an adorable puppy!


Wednesday 26.03.2014 we have been really busy, but tell me when we aren't. First morning chore, then a walk and we were lucky to meet Sigge and his owner.   Freja, then after play and walk Freja, had to train to be alone for a while again.. 

Efter this booring, but necessary, training, we took a walk and brougt the new bike basket to pick up thebike.   When we get to the shop, of course the basket doesn't fit. So there were no trip on the bike for Freja and me. But it will work out fine because I put her in the basket and kept it on the carrier and walked home and I was leadning the bike. 

Two a'clock time for a meeting at the "Veteran Pool", there were no alergic people ther so Freja was allowed to participate,

Three o'clock we had a very nice visit, Anton with his grandmother came to see the new member in the family. Freja showed her best side (Freja: "what, I only have good sides"). 

Now she sleeps in my lap and I'll try do knit...


Sunday evening 23.03.2014 19.03

We have just come home from visiting friends. Earlier today we did another visit, we went to Sandsjön some miles outside Borås. There lives Simson (a nice labrador) He had his cousin on visit today, Moltas (a spanish waterdog). Moltas is almost the same age as Freja but this gentleman thought that Freja was too much... but next time they meet, they will probably play... Talking about cousins, so did Freja met her "cousin" Lilly last Friday. We took a ride to Gothenburg to see Lilly, a beautiful black cat, almost 1 year old. She had met dogs before, but none so intense as Freja. So the first hours she tried to scare Freja. But Freja ditn't became so frightened and she tried and tried again to play with Lilly. Dog and cats doesn't talk the same language so it took some hours but then the they understand each other better and suddenly Lilly chased Freja and then two seconds later Freja was chasing Lilly. We think they will be great friends. 

Now we are waiting for some nice spring, the wind is soooooo cold.....Today we bought a basket to the bike. It has a roof on so that Freja could be safe and look out when we will go for tours on the bike!

Some bad movies.... it is not so easy to record animals.....

Wednesday 19.03.2014 09.39

Times flies...

...and 1 week ago we were on our way to pick up Freja in Staffanstorp.

She is just now resting from morning activity. It started in the garden for rhis and that. Freja and I have had breakfest and we are now back from a shorter mirning walk. We were lucky and met some friends, Max, Sigge and another handsome white mail dog.

Yesterday we visited Riddarebo, I got coffee and cookies and Freja just had fun. 

We enjoy life and have such a great time! 


Thursday 13.03.2014 14.20

... and both Freja and I are a little bit tired, bit now and then (most now) there is full action. The night went OK we got some hours sleep, went out first time 06.30. But it will be later after a while. We hav had some leash training and then Freja of course have been without leash in the garden. Soon we are going to the veterinarian and she will get vaccination number two.

Wednesday 12.03.2014 19.15

....and I'm sitting in myc coach and besides me I have the most adorable Freja, 3 month old and today she has moved home to me, a wonderful puppie that sofar have been sooooo cool. Looking forward to raise her.

Tuesday 11.03.2014 09.54

... and I've been busy for  a couple of days. I arrived at the airport Saturday evening, almost in time. Four flights hade landed at the same time, so it took almost an hour before I got my luggage but I had friends who waited for me. Sunday and Monday have been filled up with washing my clothes, cleaning my home, get food into my regriguator and freezer. Same paper work also. It is not possible yet to get all mail in an electronic way, but hopefully we will be there soon. Thank you who took care of mail mail, apartment and car.

Then there have some shopping to the new member of the family, a new bed, food and food bowls. I have not bought any toys - there are several left from Ludde and Alice. But she have got two new toys as gifts from a friend.

There have also been a lot of contacts in real life, even  if I have kept contact through e-mail, Facebook and blog, those contacts never can replace personal meeting, but they are good complements.

Today the sun is shining from a clear blue skye, that I'm used too, but some lower degrees, but it is SPRINGTIME!

Tomorrow is the big day! 

Thursday 06.03.2014 09.59

Today it's going to be a beautiful day. I am going down to the beasch and take my swimsuit with me. It's almost no wind at all and then II will go into the seaI I will meet friends at Europe Balcony around 14.30för a cup of coffee and then I'm invited to dinner in the evening. Now a cup of coffee after the morning walk whiile the wash maschine will be finished .


Sunday 02.03.2014 22.12

Sunday and now have fast period started - well not mine, because I do not fast, no now I mean the real fasting. This weekend they have "celebrated" Burial of the Sardine" who begin the fast period with various parades, etc. Pictures are in the photo gallery in the album Nerja 2014-01-07 - 03-08. Otherwise, the weekend have had mixed weather, windy as usual, though today it's been pretty warm and I have spent the day looking at a masquerade contest for pets (poor dogs ... Freja is happy, she will never wear eny clothes), then a glass of  sangria at Toboso with with my friends from Skåne.. A moment of relaxation at home before seeing newly arrived friends. Nice afternoon and evening.

Wednesday 26.02.2014 23.10

It's nice weather and we were just enjoying, my friends' daughter is visiting and it we took a trip to Frigiliana, several dinners at retstaurants... How will this end? No, it's not that bad. We enjoy life and have a good time as long as the sun and the money lasts. Today I spent  of the time at my the balcony. Then a walk to my "old" beach, Burriana Beach, where we had a stop, ice cream for some of us (including me), wine for some and coffee for some. Now I am back home in mydear couch again after a good meal at Maria Bonita. Beautiful, good, big portions! Here you always get a frozen margaritha when you have payed the bill! Fingers crossed for continuesly good weather.

 Monday 24.02.2014 09.10

Monday morning and time for some rest after some busy days, lots of skiing and icehockey . Oh no, not me of course - the Olympic games on TV. Nice weather also during the past days. But today I will rest both from sport and sun, because I woke up and listened to the sound that I know ypu have have had a lot of in Sweden, rain. So today will be a day with inside activities, hopefully there will be a walk. As you maybe have seen at my startpage there are som new pictures, motive? My little Freja of course.

Thursday 20.02.2014 15.

Two beautiful days now this is how it should be!

Tuesday 18.02.2014 15:51

.... Now there have been some days since I last wrote. Why - because it's the Olympic games and not so good weather. Actually it's not an excuse, but whatever..... But aren't they amazing our crosscontry skiers! Both boys and girls. but especially Charlott Kalla, of courseit it was a team effort and there hade been no gold medal if the other 3 girls hadn't been good too.

Well, I am haviing a nice time and on Sunday there was a nostalgic visit away in Burriana Beach. I don't understand how I went back and forth there last year. But then, I had Alice with me and it simplified it ofcourse. I went there with my friends from Skåne, those 4 ate paella. NOT I, yellow rice with 1 clam, 2 shrimsp and a stunted chicken nugget is not for me. I had a good chicken meny instead. There were lots of people in that popular paella restaurant iBurriana Beach.

Now it has been really bad weather for two days. My feeling is that it was much better weather last year. Yesterday I took the local bus (there is only one line in Nerja and that of an event called the Linea 1) to the last stop in Nerja and walked down to my apartment again, about 5 km. Last year I went UP the way, I did NOT like that and wouldn't do it again.

I bought some of the necessities of life on my way home, not so much because I had not my bag with me. Had s0 lunch at home and took the afternoon fcoffee at the Balcony of Europe under the heat lamp. Talked to a nice Dutch lady, who I have talked to on a few occasions before., then together with her husband and their dog. They have a mixed breed of border terrier + another race.

Walked home, I happened to walk into a store and bought a top I did not know I needed. But it only costs 10 euros. Then I spent some time in the couchwith TV and knitting. This morning I started with a walk (almost as usual) and then I watched the Olympic games on TV with my knittintg in the couch. Now (15:30) there is some sun. TOMORROW it will be fine again!

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